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Frank Viva at Little Island Comics!

Posted by: Andrew on: November 4, 2012

In Store: Frank Viva

Saturday, 1 December 2012, 2pm-3pm


We’re excited to announce Frank Viva’s appearance for his new book A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse! Part of the stellar Toon Books line, A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse is great for beginning readers or to share together as a picture book. Kids love the repetition in this story of Antarctic discovery and animal encounters; grown-ups will appreciate the striking art by one of Toronto’s top designers.

From Toon Books:

About the Book:

There’s so much to see at the bottom of the world! Join a young explorer and his best friend, Mouse, on a sea journey to Antarctica, where they make new friends with penguins and a whale – and have all kinds of fun.

Young readers won’t stop grinning as they’re swept away by the strange and magical world created by Frank Viva, the bestselling author of Along a Long Road. As kids Toon into Reading, they will want to circle back to the beginning – again and again.

About Frank Viva:

Frank Viva started out as an illustrator working for places like Time, Esquire, The New York Times and The Boston Globe. He later began a second career as a graphic designer and now runs a design company in Toronto, Canada. When asked – and sometimes when not – he will lecture about typography, design and things like that. He is a cover artist for The New Yorker magazine and sits on two college advisory boards. Published by Little, Brown, his first picture book, Along a Long Road,was recognized as one of The New York Times Ten Best Illustrated Books of 2011.

Please join us on Saturday, December 1st between 2 and 3pm, when creator Frank Viva will read from and sign copies of this gorgeous new release. There will be activities for kids and schmoozing for adults.


Start Your Holiday Shopping

with A Trip to the Bottom of the World!


It’s getting to be that time of year, and we think Frank Viva’s books are the perfect beginning to your holiday shopping. So, everyone who purchases one of Viva’s books during his in-store appearance will get 10% off their entire purchase! That’s right – buy A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse and we’ll give you a deal on all of the comics in the shop! Bring your kids’ wish lists, and give the gift of comics!


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[...] part of the globe with Mouse as a friendly guide. And, don’t forget, Frank Viva will be at Little Island Comics in Toronto this weekend, on Saturday December 1st, from 2 to [...]

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